Help for Boss

Boss arrived at our facilities at Scooby Zamora after his owner died.
He is an adult dog, who has clearly enjoyed a life surrounded by love, as he constantly seeks human contact and desperately wants his cuddles.
He had just been at our shelter for two weeks when he got himself a massive tear after getting hooked on a fence while playing with the other dogs.
Despite all our efforts the wound got infected so we looked for a foster home where he could heal in a clean environment, but we couldn't find a suitable place.
So we had to do what was inevitable, which was amputating part of his ear, Boss is very sad about this, he lost a lot of weight, and he is not the dog we used to know anymore, which is why we now seek your help, we need a foster or adoption for this little angel, a home who helps him find back his lust for life.
We also need your help to deal with the veterinary costs.
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