We never stay..

I am volunteer that goes to Scooby two times a year.
And every time I go, the thing I am looking forward to the most is seeing my big friend Oscar,
because I know for sure he will be there.
He will be there, in the paddock behind the horses, in the farthest corner of Scooby, waiting for me.
In the past years he has seen many dogs come into his paddock, become his friend and leave again.
He has also seen many volunteers come for a cuddle, give him treats and leave again.

As this time, me, all excited to go and see my big friend Oscar. And yes, he will be there, because he is always there, watching out for that someone that will come, give him cuddles, give him treats and will stay. But we don't stay. We never stay..
Oscar is still looking for a home! He is a big, sweet, sometimes even a little shy, Mastin Espanol. His back legs are turned, but he can walk and run with them. He is a calm and gentle giant that is the happiest when he can live outside a house, in a big garden or a farm.
Please, let him experience what it is to have a home!
A family where he can stay. Forever.