When you cross paths with an animal, it is for a reason, a matter of fate or because they know they will receive help from you. In my case it was the latter,  we were on our way to our village with my parents, they in their own car  and my boyfriend and me and the dogs in another. My parents were going in front and we followed. All of a sudden my parents touched the brake and we were afraid there was something wrong with the car and when we stopped to see what had happened we were horrified to find that they had hit a dog. There was nothing anyone could do for the animal, it was already dead on the ground. We cried for the poor thing, saying bad things about the people that had left it there by itself, poor thing, but that at least it had not suffered since it had died immediately.
You can imagine our surprise that he was not alone, there were three more dogs close to the road, all of them shaking and the look in their eyes said it all.  One of them left running, very scared, and the other two approached  their dead brother, softly crying and whimpering, laying down beside him. It was a pitiful sight and it made us all cry.
We tried to console them and gave them water and food, since it was very hot and we did not know since when they were without anything to eat. We could not leave them there since the same thing could happen to them.
We called Fermin and told him about the situation and as usual he offered them shelter within the Scooby premises. We put them in the car and I think they were surprised that somebody was helping them.  It was no problem getting them in the car, they seemed to want it and on the way they showed again what loyalty was: most of the time they were hugging each other, almost like comforting each other, like saying: you’ll see, it will be alright.
We took them to Scooby and spend some time with them, all the while receiving nothing but licks and love, like saying thank you  for helping us. Now all that remains is that somebody will notice these two beauties, they have been through enough, they deserve a home and a family who will make them forget all the bad things.
We are still looking for the one brother that left running, to see if we can do the same thing for him.
Everything happens for a reason. If you see an abandoned animal, don’t look the other way, a simple gesture on your part can save its life.