Ferdinand, Ferdi for friends, is looking for a home!

He's a couple of eyes on a skeleton, an old boy, with  difficult days in his past and  glorious days waiting for him.
Was found abandoned, in bad conditions, skinny and sick.
He's recovering well, gaining weight and energy in a volunteer's home, but once recovered he will have to return in a paddock, and we hope to find him a home before.
He's just perfect, cuddly, obedient, goes out to do his business (except when you do not open the door when he warns), gets along very well with the other galgos males and females, loves the mini dogs, is super ok with cats, and has a special feeling with the worst dog of the house.
Ferdi has at least 8 years, his spleen has been removed, his examinations and blood tests are good, just needs to regain weight and confidence.
You'll love him, we are sure, he is of a disarming sweetness.
The perfect boy, don't miss him.