The price of adopting a dog

At Scooby we really like for our dogs to be adopted in a perfect condition to assure their wellbeing and health. For this to be so, the dogs leave our organization with all the vaccinations up to date, with a microchip, a passport, they have been dewormed internally and deparasited externally and, of course, castrated.  There are a lot of people who get angry with us for having to pay for adoption, but they do not realize that the price we ask doesn’t come close to covering all the costs that we spend on the animal.
Therefore we would like to clarify the costs we are making and what they would be in a clinic, and these are the results:
- Identification and registration             eur       20
- Rabies                                                          eur       21
- Tetra vaccination                                           Eur       26
- Microchip                                                      Eur       35
Internal deworming       ca Eur 7 (depending on weight)
External anti-parasites  ca  Eur 13 (depending on weight)
Castration male            between 180 – 250 Eur (depending on weight)
Sterilisation female       between 230 and 290 Eur (depending on weight)
When we  added this up, we figured that to get a dog in perfect conditions would come to a cost of  between 302 to 412 Eur  for an adult dog, and a lot more in case of a pup that needs to be vaccination and deparasited several times. Therefore we would like you to be aware of the enormous effort we are realizing every day so that our dogs leave Scooby healthy and we never ever are trying to enrich ourselves or profit from our dogs. Our biggest satisfaction is when our animals find themselves a good home, with a family that loves them and cares for them the way they deserve, and that is what we are working for every day.