Puli and his family

There are days like this when we have the pleasure of telling you stories like that of Puli. Puli has been adopted ten years ago by a wonderful family in Holland, that lately has done the same thing again and saved the lives of two more dogs of ours with a new adoption.
Puli had the opportunity and the luck to find a family that noticed him and offered him something that a lot of other dogs are having a hard time to find: a home, a stable life, a second chance of living, receiving love and giving all the love and gratitude in return that our dogs feel towards their new families.
The story of Puli is like any of those thousands of dogs that have passed through Scooby since the start. Since over 25 years Scooby has been rescuing and finding second chances for their dogs. There are days that it is difficult but on other days, like today, you get a picture of one of those rescued dogs  and you think of what could have happened to him if Scooby and this family wouldn’t have helped him.
For Puli’s sake and the other thousands of dogs, Scooby will keep on working hard, without fail, although there are days that are very hard.
But today we would like to say thank you to the thousands of families like Puli’s, that help us and work with us to make room in their homes and hearts for our animals.
Thank you because without them our work would be in vain, thank you because you make us feel better about humans, and thank you for giving us the energy to keep on rescuing more animals and finding them a second chance.