An intense weekend at Scooby

The weekend of 23 and 24 May was a very intense one for Scooby for various reasons, and all of them are very nice.

We started on Friday with a new transport for 35 of our dogs who were going to meet their new families, in this case in France and in Holland.  Finally they have the opportunity to give all their love, sweetness and loyalty to the families who have so lovingly adopted them. To all them and everyone who made this journey from Scooby to their forever home possible, we can only say THANK YOU. Surely we need to thank our drivers, in this case Fermín and Cristina, thank you for your effort to get these dogs safe to their families, putting your own rest aside for the good of all of them.

Saturday in Zamora we had the special collaboration of Decathlon to raise funding for food for our furry friends in our Zamora shelter.  We have to tell you it was a big success as we gathered a total of 380 kilos of kibble. At the same time our Zamora volunteers promoted adoption with every purchase at the shop. Numerous people came to Decathlon during the day to pull their weight and add their bit. For every kilometer the customers ran on a threadmill, Decathlon donated one kilo of kibble.  There was such a crowd they had to open two extra machines to shorten the queues.

To all the workers, the Decathlon directors, the Scooby volunteers and everyone who collaborated, many many many THANKS.

We end this story about the weekend with the first time of Scooby taking part of the Fair "100x100 Adopta" in Madrid.  A great experience which enabled us to establish many new contacts, including a chat with the queen, Doña Sofía. Our dogs were quite a sensation among the attending public. We hope to make this a recurring yearly event to show the world all the work that is done by Scooby, to attract more adoptants,  partners, volunteers and collaborators. We also went to visit the Fun Funk group, or one of our favourite veterinarians, Isabel.

Although we seem to be repeating ourselves, another massive THANK YOU to all for your help.