Bye-bye, cute kitten

Today is a sad day for the whole family of Scooby, today we have to tell you that the cute little kitten which had to go through surgery to have its eyes removed, has passed away. After fighting and overcome the worst part, after enjoying a few weeks with others, after feeling the love and pampering from volunteers and workers at Scooby, his small body could not resist a virus, his defenses have not been able to fight  against that stupid virus, and has not given him the opportunity to grow and continue enjoying the love and affection of the world around him.
At least, we have the consolation that during these past weeks he has received so much love, so warming affection and care that he has gone in peace. He has shown us his struggle and courage to keep fighting until the last moment.

Goodbye cute kitty, rest in peace, and enjoy a new life filled with light and color wherever you are.