Blind kitty

A few days ago we at Scooby received a call from a lady from Medina del Campo telling us they had found a tiny kitten on the sidewalk of a street there.  The lady was very upset because the kitten had very swollen and infected eyes. Quickly one of our coworkers went to pick up the kitten and took it immediately to our vets on the premises, Laura and Lucia. It appeared to be a kitten of just a month old, completely blind and  with such an infection that its eyes were filled with pus and very swollen. The diagnosis of our vets was clear, she had to remove both eyes and above that, the kitten was very malnourished. That said, our vets proceeded with the operation, the kitten has been under observation for a few days and has put on some weight. And most importantly, she no longer has any pain.  Even though this little kitten has suffered a lot, he is very sweet and lets himself be petted. Our vets say that once he is done with the antibiotics and the post-operation care, his life will be very normal within his boundaries. He eats and drinks by himself, does not suffer any pain and enjoys all the caresses he gets.
We have already done everything in our power, now it is up to you to help us offer him a home where he feels loved and he can give all the affection and love that he has. Do you want to help us? You want to be part of his life? Get in touch with us and include this little kitten in your life. We will always, always be grateful to you.
We are showing you some pictures of how he arrived, on his state after the operation and how he has already integrated into the group!