This pretty boy is called Pedrito.

Pedrito has been through hell but even though he is a lucky galgo. A few days ago a family in Tordesillas got in touch with us to ask for help for him. He had been looking for food for several days around a factory in the area and even though he asked for help by barking loudly, he was so scared that he did not let himself be caught. Thanks to the patience of these people they could finally corner him and immediately after our coworker Simonetta took him to the Clinica Mediterranea in Madrid. This clinic has offered to work with Scooby, knowing the number of cases we have, and operates with only charging us for the costs of the material.  We are going to need your help  again to be able to pay for Pedrito’s operation. Unfortunately they told us that they had to amputate the leg, there was no possibility of it ever getting better.  This boy has been very brave, so we hope that once he recovers, somebody will open their home to him so he  can forget what ever happened to him. Do you want to help Pedrito?
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Thank you so much from the galgos and mixed breeds at Scooby, the cats, the  ferrets, raccoons, pigeons and all the other members of the sanctuary who could not have been rescued without your help!