Irresponsible owners

There are things that make us angry,  and things that make us angry very much.
Some months ago a family arrived at our shelter with the intention of adopting a small puppy called Noel.
They fell in love with him and couldn't wait to take him home.
It all seemed great, the perfect family, until this morning.
This morning we received a call from the owner who told us they had a dog they adopted from us and if they could return him. As simple as that.
So then she begins to tell us that the dog is a bad dog, it bites everything, it won't be quiet, still does its business inside the house and it won't be trained and they no longer want it.
So we take into account straightaway that this is part of the deal when you take a puppy: it bites, destroys, isn't housebroken yet, jumps, plays, right. It's a puppy, this is perfectly normal.
When we tried to explain that this is logical behaviour she changed tactics, claiming that now she worked longer hours so no one could take the dog out to the street.
So how was she supposed to teach a dog not to do its business in the house when it COULD NOT GO OUT ON THE STREET?
In the end she could have left it at that as this was tiresome enough, but no.
The second part was that she inquired whether she could change the dog for a smaller one.
It seems like a joke but it's not. This lady didn't want to take care of Noel and wants to return him for being a bad dog but a smaller puppy wouldn't present any problems.
Some people are just unbelievable. Unbelievable and totally irresponsible.
Now poor Noel is doing very badly, he couldn't stop looking at the door after this lady left him here and when we took him to the office alone he was completely lost.
It rips our heart seeing him in the patio trembling and utterly shocked.
Despite our anger and frustration we now want to find a truly good family who is responsible and aware of what adopting and raising a puppy entails.
We must stress that Noel is a very good and perfectly normal dog.
Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows this.
We ask for your help as it is very urgent for Noel to find a place outside the shelter.
These photos were taken just minutes after he was surrendered back to the shelter.
They speak for themselves.
For the second time in his life this puppy has learnt what it means to be ABANDONED.