Help for Mini Ebolita.

We need your help to fund treatment of Mini Ebolita.
A few days ago some guys found this puppy abandoned and brought it to our facilities in Medina. You can see the state she´s in. She suffers from advanced mange, pyoderma and she is also undernourished. Imagine what she must have gone through to get to this point. When you approach to pet her she lies upside down like begging you not to hurt her, so it is not hard to guess what kind of life she has had to bear before coming to us. Nevertheless, as one pets her a bit and earns her trust, she is really affectionate. She has such a look that steals your heart.

As we have said in other occasions, our clinic is fully saturated and we have to face many other cases. That is why we need your help to help us pay for Mini Ebolita’s treatment. We will need to cover the price of antibiotics, Ivermectin, vitamins and special food for her skin. We want her to recover as soon and efficiently as possible so that she can be ready to find a permanent home where she can feel loved and where she can give love too. She is such a good one.

Can you help Mini Ebolita?
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* You can also donate medicines.
* Spread the word and tell her story to receive more help.

Many thanks!