Do you remember Pedrito?

For sure, who would forget such a face? ;-)
Last time we told you about Pedrito he was on his way to Madrid to have his paw operated in an emergency. One of his hind legs was completely destroyed, probably after a collision with a car.
Today he got out of the "Clinica MediterrĂ¡nea" to be fostered by a family for a few days.
Of course he installed himself on the sofa first thing.
He can only stay with his foster family for a very short time, meaning he would have to go back to the shelter soon. But we don´t want him to lead a life in a refuge after all the suffering he had to endure.
Pedrito needs a home of his own urgently, a family that loves him despite of his three-legs only. It goes without saying that his new home needs to have an enormous sofa.