Our foal Bob one week later

Last week we told you that we had a new member in the sanctuary and we showed you how he fought to get on his feet the first time. Just a week later our foal called Bob has already become an expert.  Under the care of his mother Marley and the protection of his little herd, he grows up happy and carefree. Even though we make sure to give them the best food possible, based on horsefood, carrots, straw and alfalfa. They need to be strong because shortly we are expecting new births and we want everything to go as well as possible.  I am sure you would love to be here for that moment, unfortunately it won’t be possible for most of you but you can become part of their lives helping us to give them a stable life and the best care. Everyone within their limitations can become part of the wonderful Scooby team. Do you want to be part of the life of Bob and his family?
Become part of Teaming : https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
Make a donation into our account at Bankinter or through Paypal: http://scoobymedina.org/es/how_you_can_help.html