My name is Poli

Just a few words to tell you who I am. Words that would have been impossible without you, you are our voice. As you can see I am a paraplegic, I don’t know what caused it, an illness, an accident, who knows.. After being checked out by the vet, they said my whole body worked just fine, except my two hind legs. At first I was a little sad, who wouldn’t be ..?  It took me a lot of effort to get close to my food and to be able to greet everybody (and me being the most social animal, it was awful!).  So most of the time I was just lying down. But in a few days, all this changed.  Some wonderful person said:  I am going to solve this and he did what he promised, in a few days they put me in this little contraption and it was incredible, I am not running now; I am flying! It is so much fun!  I can eat and drink without anybody having to take me there, I am so happy because now I am INDEPENDENT!
I am living with some dogs and a cat and we get along very well. I am a very outgoing being and used to being around people. My foster home is the veterinary clinic because they say that the refuge is not the place for me.  After having overcome the worst, my hope is to find an adoption home. I can assure you that I can have the same life a normal dog has, only getting up stairs is going to be impossible but I love to be carried around in your arms to overcome this little obstacle.
A big thank you to
The veterinary clinic Asiveti (Zamora) who took me in until I find a home
Poli, who gave me my name and the person having made this little carriage
All of you who spend some time reading my little story and hopefully spread it between your friends.