Numbers don´t match.

It is simple, pure mathematics, if we rescue more than 1000 animals and we rehome around 250 in Spain it is just a simple count “ deduct” , 750 animals are too many every year , if we don´t rehome them abroad, the conclusion is clear , the only possibility could be euthanasia for all of them, I am just saying this because I can read some stupid people criticizing us because we are rehoming dogs abroad , but I still don´t know how to do it better , if any of these intelligent people know how to do it, please give us some instructions so we can rehome all of them in Spain. It is very easy to write for all these people that they don´t have any compromise. Hugs, kisses and licks from all our animals, galgos, podencos, mixes, cats horses, goats, sheep, pigs, etc, etc, etc. Fermín