Two Special Additions

Today we would like to acquaint you with two new members of the Scooby-family.
This little mutt was found straying in Medina. Round her neck she had a chain, which she had obviously torn when freeing herself. Collar and chain consisted of a single piece and were locked with a screw. This screw was bent, so Dani and Jero had to use some implement to cut the chain from the little darling’s neck. She suffered the entire procedure with unbelievable friendliness and patience; evidently the bitch was very relieved to get rid of the chain. Now she would like to find a nice forever home and with our combined efforts we will certainly find her a place. As always, we are counting on you.

A couple of days ago, we were called by a man who is looking after the cats in his vicinity.  He told us that there was a young cat living on the premises which belonged to his shop. Recently he had noticed that the animal was obviously ill because one of its eyes was badly swollen whereas the other one had gone all grey; now he surmised that the cat was blind or nearly blind. Since the man’s shop is situated on a busy road and the cat might be unable to orientate itself properly, he feared for its life. So he contacted Scooby and asked whether we could accommodate the little tom. Pablo and Sabine immediately went to the place where they managed to catch the cat. We were sorry to find out that the man had been right – one of the little tom’s eyes was so swollen that it almost popped out of his face and could not be mended. Therefore it was removed in our hospital, at least to alleviate his pain. The other eye is also affected and it seems that the little tom is completely blind. Right now he is quarantined so that he can get used to people and we hope for an ardent cat-lover who will give him a forever home. Even if life at Scooby is better than living in the streets, it is not an ideal place for a blind cat.