Cuco – The story of a galgo that, without the help of a warmhearted couple, now would be dead.

Occasionally we must hear that we exaggerate in our website when we denounce the “massacre “of galgos in this country. Some people claim that today is no longer practiced, that it is a sad part of our history which now belongs to realm of stories.

Well, I can certify that lots of galgos (and other breeds) arrive to Scooby after someone intended to kill them. Some of them arrive even with rope on the neck or with open wounds because they tried to escape at the last moment.

All of us here and the volunteers in Scooby have seen these cases and we all know that THEY ARE REAL.

Just today, one of these dogs has come to us.
His name is Cuco and he is a lovely, friendly galgo -a bit shy- around three years-old.

Cuco is still alive just because someone overheard a conversation in which the owner said that last week he has already "got rid" of a galgo and Cuco would be next. Our man asked the owner if he could give him the galgo -he feared for the animal´s life- and fortunately, the owner did it.

Cuco spent that night safe at this lovely couple’s home. Today they have arrived to Scooby with the hope to give the dog a second chance and find him a family and a good future.

We want to thank the persons who saved the life of Cuco from the deep of our hearts. We have promised them that Cuco will spend the rest of his life enjoying life. We rely on you to keep that promise.


Scooby team