A bit late but it is never too late to take stock of our work during the whole year 2013, I am not going to bore you with figures although I will have to give you some to show the reality at Scooby, so hold on to your seat because this figures will make you dizzy.
All kinds of animals rescued: over 1500, more than 1000 of them dogs, 200 chickens, horses, sheep and goats and more than 200 cats.
Animals placed in homes:  over 1000 dogs and more than 150 cats
Rescue trips = 17
We have received over 20000 calls, over 10000 emails, letters, faxes and any other means of communication you can imagine.
We have rescued galgos from almost all the doghouses that needed it, we have signed an agreement with the FEG in Castilla – Leon, trying to set up a solution for this problem from the start,
We have opened a new refuge in Zamora and we have been present on the streets advocating the right of animals on numerous occasions, in Medina, Valladolid, Zamora, Salamanca, Laguna de duero, etc. etc.
In short our work has been done tirelessly and sometimes exhausting but in the end we have to conclude that it was worth it, over 1000 happy dogs in their new home says it all, they all thank you for being there now, if Scooby didn’t exist somebody would have to invent it, proud to be part of the big family that is Scooby, volunteers, workers, adopters, followers and above all, our animals.
Always yours and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Fermin