The sad reality for the podencos

Hunting season over, the abandonment is starting, the cruel reality that we encounter when they are no longer useful. She is Alma, a hunting dog of advanced age that no longer “served” and that was found in a state closer to dying, completely starved and without any energy to be able to stand up, with severe wounds all over her body, inflicted by beings full of hate and anger and without scruples or feeling.
She lost one of her eyes because of a heavy blow, the other one is almost blind. She was found in Salamanca by the animal protection association el Hocico, and from there she came to Scooby in Zamora where she still is.  She has a pancreas infection and has to be hooked up with a drip and medication until it becomes better, she is still critical, and when she survives she will need extra care and lots of love to make her want to go on. We still do not understand how somebody can do this to an animal and leave her to die like that.
Be strong Alma, you need to survive this, we have so many things to show you, a lot of love to give you and show you that there are still people in this world that love you and that will fight to find you a new home.