Monday, 13:40h.: Scooby received a phone call from the local police telling that they had found a horse on the road to La Moraleja, next to the cemetery.

The horse had a rather unkempt appearance with knots in his hair and very thin.

Apparently the animal was tied to a stake and, after pulling it, Silvero, -which is now his name- , luckily managed to untie, (since staying in that place he would have been in danger of malnourishment). So it was the way he got the attention of those who discovered him in his state of neglect.

Three colleagues who help in Scooby, -Dani, Jero and Sabine-, arrived to the place where they met also with national and local police. They helped the members of Scooby to carry the horse up in the van to transport him to the shelter.

His first reaction at his new home showed real happiness: he rediscovered freedom after being tied by a long rope and poorly fed, because very hungry ate everything we offered.

Silvero has become a part of the Scooby family, one more mouth to feed, so we expect to get more food aid to keep our new tenant as good as he deserves.

From here we appeal to all the people who have animals to be aware of their needs and respect them.