January 26, open house at Scooby

Like every last sunday of the month, Scooby organized another open house day on the 26th of january, and 14 people attended, accompanied by the personnel of the shelter.
Although there were areas they could not go because of the rain of the previous days, everybody enjoyed themselves playing with the puppies and visiting the rest of the population at the shelter.
The visit started at 12 noon, and as you all know there is an end to everything, and two hours later the visit ended, leaving all the visitors satisfied, they had really enjoyed the experience.
If you want to be next in joining us at the shelter and visit our most loyal friends, please don’t hesitate to come at the next open house day, so you will get to know firsthand the reality of abandonment and animal abuse and moreover, that you will experience the love and feeling of the animals that live here with us.