I think it’s shameful

Hunting season is over and again we are hearing rumours about cruelty, in this case we became aware that there are vets that for 10 or 20 euros are killing young galgos and they are even taking the corpses. I simply cannot understand this, you cannot do this in a legal way,  killing them and making their dead bodies disappear for that price .
Dear galgueros, you don’t want us to criticize what you are doing to your animals, we from Scooby have been offering you the possibility of getting rid of your animals for a small price and even then you prefer this other method, so to those who do this I will have to say you are a pair of rats if you are not even willing to spend just  a little more on them so your animals will have a happy endterm, so don’t come to us later on that you love your galgos so much  and that there are only a few that abuse them; to me it is just shameful and therefore we are going to inform the Board of Veterinarians and the Federation from Castellon-Leon for galgos so that they can take measures, but then don’t you dare complain later on that we criticize you from the shelters, you are as much to blame for this if you do it yourself or if you see it happen and don’t do anything to prevent it.
Sad days for the galgos. Fermin