Little Bella (app. 9 years of age)

We present you Bella, and the best way to describe this little one would be one word: fighter.
When she came to the shelter she had a problem with her eyes that was easily solved with a simple operation. When we went to castrate her the operation went fine and from there she would go to a pre-adoption home, but when we went to get her, we found her in a pool of blood. We rushed her to the vet and it seemed the poor thing had a ruptured spleen so we had to wait in anguish for the operation to save her life which hung by a thread. The waiting became longer and longer, the vets did everything they could and gave her several bloodtransfusions, they really did everything for the little one.
Now we only could wait, I stayed at her side and held her little paw and only asked for her to live, that she needed to know what is it to have a home and to be happy, and that it just wasn’t right if she left this world without knowing that.
And she, the fighter that she is, managed to survive, we were all watching her, giving her all the treats and loving care in the world and little by little she held on to life. It seems that the operation has had its success and Bella recuperated. Every time she looked at you with her big eyes and moved her little tail thanking you for coming to pet her.
And now she is completely better, she has a normal life, she can run, jump and play without trouble ..and now all she really needs is a HOME!
She’s a very special little dog, she gets along well with cats and other dogs and knows how to behave at home... she only wants a little bed with her blanket, can you show her what it is to have a home?