One weekend-54 precious lives saved

The hunting season is almost finished, and shelters quickly become full of
galgos. And when a galgo enters a Spanish shelter, he  has a very small chance to get out again.
Fortunately many people, Spanish and from abroad, strongly try to give them the
possibility, not only to come out, but to finally have a life.
A big machinery of hope.
We have received many requests for help and, as usual, we are ready to go.
That's why we left Scooby very very early on Friday morning, direction
Ciudad Real, to pick up about 30 galgos.
When we arrived, as welcome, we found a galgo at the door, very
skinny and exhausted. The volunteer told us that he was abandoned during
the night at the entrance of the refuge. So, 31 galgos.
Luckily we have taken with us all the possible cages, to be able to pick up
the largest possible number of dogs, and at the end we came back to Scooby
with a precious cargo of 34 lives.
For us, seeing the galgos running and playing and smiling, has been the biggest reward.
But why stop us?
The day after, Saturday, we wake up again early, well, to be honest not so
early like the day before, direction Merida.
We had to pick up 15 galgos, but luckily we came back home with 20.
One of them has been found right the day before by a
volunteer working in the perrera, still bleeding.
They cut out the chip from the neck and left him on the  road like trash. These persons are the shame of Spain, and the shame of the human race.

But we won for this time and again on the way back to Scooby, full of
satisfaction and joy.
We want to share our emotions with you, with these images, 54 new lifes at Scooby.
Please help us to close the circle and find them a final home and the
future that they deserve.