A year filled with hope, and even though improving our figures every time is going to be difficult, this year like always we will do our utmost to improve them, we want more and much more,  more animals rescued and naturally more animals placed in homes, less abused animals, less animals left behind, we like to continue to grow, outside as well as inside and therefore we propose different steps.
Increase the refuge, we are going to combine another 17 acres that they left us so that is like 2000 m2 of storage. That would make it about 45.000m2 dedicated to animals and will without doubt make Scooby the biggest refuge in Spain in terms of square meters and number of animals taken up.
Construction of the infirmary, we are already working on that and would help our animals greatly.
Signing of the agreement with an English veterinary association that will help us get our animal hospital up to the highest level in Spain in terms of equipment and capacity for several vets at the same time and with the best teams.
We have set up World Galgo Day to reinstate these precious animals and so help their adoption.
At this moment about 800 animals of any kind depend on you; dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, horses, donkeys, sheep, cows, goats.. and it really is a sight for sore eyes to see these animals happy every day.
A new webshop with all our merchandising, easier to find and to use.
There are many more projects that we hope will be started somewhere in 2014 but we will tell you more about it when they come closer.
As you can see, we are not short of dreams, we have goals to achieve so we are counting on your immeasurable support.
From all our animals at present and those that will be rescued this year: thank you. Again you are making it possible.
And now I will let you go. Thank you for being there. Fermin