The stork that loved the freedom at Scooby

At the Scooby rescue facilities, the most important thing is that the animals that live there feel they are being taken care of and given all the love they need, and moreover, that they feel free.
And so our renter Snowwhite (Blancanieves) has shown, a stork found by the local police around Medina del Campo in Valladolid in august 2013, found with a broken foot and therefore taken to the refuge so that between all the people working there she would receive all the care she needed to get better completely.
After several months of treatment and seeing her improve immensely, Scooby let Snowwhite go around Christmas,they set her free and expected her to fly away and try to find her former mates, finding a new destiny. This did happen, she did find a new destiny and the surprise was that she decided her destiny was staying at Scooby.
She lives together with the other birds in the area around the lake, in the company of the ducks and the pigeons, and a lot of times she flies close to where the workers are.
We have another member of the family!  Please be aware that if you want to get to know her, you only need to come to our refuge in Medina del Campo the last sunday of each month, when we have an open house event.  We’ll wait for you there!