What I was doing yesterday, Bonnie and Clyde update.

Ok we went to Salamanca Dani, Hesse and me trying to catch Clydie , by the way both are females, we went with our anesthetic rifle , we tried and tried and we could not catch the girl, she is too intelligent for a dog trap, in fact she is able to get the food from outside with her leg, in the area close to a gipsy place , we found an skeleton of a galgo with a rope so ……, use your imagination, while Dani and Hesse were trying to catch her I went to the police station for getting a ferret that was found, by the way they kept me one hour waiting , what I find really absolutely rude and a lack of respect for myself and we got a little kitten so three animals in one day and it is more or less the same every day, the situation in Salamanca is becoming impossible we are rescuing a huge amount of animals over there and while it happens , it seems that the people from Salamanca don’t know our work and they prefer to support organizations from there, so I am thinking that Scooby will probably leave Salamanca for the Salmantinos, if we are not able to find supporters over there, it is really annoying that at any moment when we want to do something we need to count with volunteers from EL Hocico because we are not able to find volunteers there, even thinking that we are doing the major rescue efforts there.
Anyway coming back to what is really important we will keep trying to catch her, let’s see who is more intelligent she or us. Kisses , licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín

Good news for a change , the owner of the ferret has appeared.