Bullas 4

It has been a long time since I don’t update about the Bullas case, I’m going to do it, last time we  left Said over there fighting with the fleas, sheep and goats had many many fleas, anyway Said needed to come so we hired someone else there to keep feeding the animals, somebody named Coto and after that we have a new man in place and his name is Juanfran, he seems to be really a good guy and a real animal lover. While Said was there at the village of Bullas have been appearing several galgos and podencos coming from the hills around Bullas , obviously we  cannot say that they belonged to this man , but all of them had a strange smell to French fries so……….
Anyway the case is that Ger, Said and many other people like the people from Rescatadog they have been trying to catch some them and it has been really difficult, normally for catching a dog you will use meat, libber something really smelly for them, Do you want to know what worked with these dogs?   Obviously French fries, they tried everything and the only thing that was useful were the fries, we cannot say that they belonged to that man but………
Well at the end Said came back with 25 new galgos and podencos from Bullas but we cannot say……
Another thing all the animals are doing ok and I fear that at least two of the four female horses that we got are getting quite strange and round belly , yes they are getting kilos quite fast but these two I think they have a surprise with them, we will see in a short future.
The sheep and goats and one pig they are still there and they need to stay for legal reasons more or less one year so we will need to have a branch of the Scooby Sanctuary in Bullas .
And about the court case , everything goes . Licks, kisses and hugs from all of us. Fermín