The Scooby way of life

I am going to tell you how the whole board of Scooby we think about animal welfare, I am doing it but I am sure that all of us we can sign this words, ok now I am going to start telling you the histories of our dear handicapped dogs Aaron, Raquel, Faith, Joya and the male without name, they came to Scooby with several problems , mainly fractures but not only that and what we did , straight away we repair their legs, without asking ourselves , how much it is going to cost and if we have money or not to pay this, ok now their legs are almost fixed, we need to do another surgery and X rays and things like that and now is my time to ask you very kindly, could you be so kind to contribute towards the enormous expenses that we had with them , I am going to start begging in the corner one of these days, no I am sure that you will help us, by the way we will keep updating the situation of all of them on our page and Facebook page, this is us , first the animals ,later the money, we are doing a wonderful job , I am really proud of all the scooby team and after we tried to publicize our work, you know it is a pity but we need money to keep going and helping more and more animals , well all of us we need money to stay alive. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín