Lillibeth, ordinary story of an abandoned dog - part 1

Lillibeth was found some days ago, lost somewhere in the streets of
For sure she has passed a long time by herself, or she has had a bad owner.
She's in terrible conditions, she is skinny and the fur is so dirty and
ruffled that it starts to tangle on itself to detach from the skin leaving
naked areas, wounds and sores. She walks very bad because of this,
fur is growing wild on her legs and gives her pain, the tail is almost
naked, the fur was ripped off the body by the same dirt and stuck fur,
it is incredible to explain.
We have to proceed with care with her, because she's in pain.
She's on treatment now, and as first step we have freed her small tail.
It took a couple of hours only to find it and under the mess we found a lovely pink tail!
A short bath and a good dinner, and soon to bed small Lillibeth.
One thing is  for sure, she's an adorable sweetheart, we worked with her for
hours and she never protested.
Next step tomorrow.
We will keep you informed.
If you are interested in Lillibeth´ adoption or to help with her recovery,
please contact us at simonetta@scoobymedina.com