Things that make me angry 7

I know that what I am going to say is not politically correct but I am fed up of being polite , here I go; animal welfare people we are mean people and now I am going to explain why, we are absolutely jealous if one organization is going well , then we think that something must be hidden with the manager  and I am going to be more clear, last weekend we had the pet’s day in Valladolid , there were many organizations from Valladolid, they  were represented with their stands, I was walking among all of them and we were not able to say nothing to each other, this is absolutely ridiculous and this is the reason why animal welfare is not important at all at any part of the world.
 Another thing that it is ridiculous is that in a province with a population of half a million people there are more than 15 animal welfare organizations, and all of us we claim that we are the ones and the others doesn’t exist, also something really mean is what I have seen in some Facebook pages from some of these orgs related with the Bullas case, they were sharing news coming from other orgs and liking them instead of doing with the original rescue organization,
or something mean is what has happened with another org from Valladolid related with legs in their name, is that they are losing an adoption in Germany only because they are too proud to ask us for help, or one org in Salamanca that is claiming that they cannot rescue dogs because they don’t have money enough, probably this is why they owe us around 6000 euros and they don’t pay , but they were able to pay a dog killer in Zamora a lot of money, or another two different orgs in Salamanca that now they are helping to rehome the dogs from the province of Salamanca and before when we had the contract , they were not able never, ever to ask us if we needed help, or the org in Zamora who report our vet for a bad performance without any proofs and when Enrique asked them , the answer was that they never tell in advance to the people that they are reporting, or when this org is trying to make our lives in Zamora very difficult, we know but we cannot make it public that they have reported us several times , obviously without any success . Sometimes I would like to give up and tell all this people , if you are so perfect just do the work , why they are not trying to get the contracts in their provinces? Probably because it is better not to have any obligations and to criticize the rest and really I am fed up, live and let the others live,too. Kisses,  licks and hugs from all of us . Fermín