Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are inseparable, but now not anymore, and there is a little
pain to know Clyde somewhere there outside without her.
They lived for two months eating junk, unable to let them being helped as it often
happens to the galgos unfortunately.
At the end, due to too hunger and with a good dose of luck, but especially due
to the stubbornness of a guy from Zamora who went to look
for her at sunrise and finding her still sleepy, we were able to bring home Bonnie!

Bonnie has a sly face, while about Clyde we still know little, except that he
has learned to escape from the cage-trap and always leaves us inconclusive.

But we do not give up and at dawn we will still be out there, this time
equipped with anesthetic, to try to take it home, safe, and above all to
his Bonnie!
If you would like more information about Bonnie please contact us at simonetta@scoobymedina.com