Murdered dog

It is incredible how cruel the human race can be sometimes. It is true that sometimes at Scooby we see cases of abuse or we find dead dogs, but we are still upset when we do. Today we have to tell you about the case of a dog that, according to the vet that did the autopsy, was killed by a blow to the head with a metal object.
But let’s start at the beginning:
Late 3rd of july, Maria who lives in Doninos de Salamanca reports that a neighbours dog got into her yard together with her own dog and the two of them were  in a terrible fight and when she tried to separate them she suffered several wounds. The same dog had attacked her daughter the year before.  So immediately she went to the Guardia Civil station in Santa Marta de Tormes to report the case.
Days later, the 15th of July to be precise, Maria notices that the car on her property has a flat tyre on the rear right side, probably punctured with a sharp object. Her daughter owns a dog of cinnamon color that can hardly walk, but on july 17th other neighbours report that the dog is dead on the sidewalk, surrounded by a pool of blood. They immediately take it to the vet who, after the autopsy tells them that the dog has died of a blow to the head with a metal object.
Maria and her daughter then hurry back to the Guardia Civil to report this because they are sure that the person who did this must have been their neighbour, that they are afraid of her and the damage she can do to their vehicles and therefore they ask for a restraining order.

This is a sad and outrageous story that Maria tells us. From here we would want to give her all our support. Dear friends, I would like to encourage to report all those that abuse their animals but also all the abuse the animals of other people. Between all of us we will have to try and end these atrocities and prevent that anybody will have to go through this again.