Bullas 3

Some people are asking me lately how they can help us with all the Bullas animals but we need to clarify our expenses. Here we go:
Expenses until now:
·        Truck for taking the horses( We haven’t the invoices yet)
·        Two vans going to pick up dogs, they are our vans and also our workers so the invoices are included in our own expenses.
·        One van and one scooby worker staying there for feeding the remaining animals, only for the worker including salary , sleeping place and food around 900-1000 euros.
·        Food, vet treatments for the animals here all included among our own expenses so no separate invoices.
·        Lawyer salary, one day we should pay her some money, nothing until now but everybody needs to eat, humans included.
Expenses already made and paid trough different donations.
·        First vet assistance.
·        Chips and identification for goats ; sheep and horses.
·        Food for the remaining animals.
Now we are trying that the owner will give us the animals but meanwhile we need to feed them and provide with the needed vet treatments.
Expenses that will come:
·        Until all the sheep and goats get rehomed we are going to need a place where to have them and somebody to feed them . Maybe if the money is enough opening a temporary scooby shelter in Murcia.
·        Food for the sheep and goats.
·        Food and vet treatments for the animals here, for example for the horses we can show the food invoices , but is our own people , the ones that are taking care of them.
So these are our expenses and everybody who knows us, know that not one single euro is wasted here, we always try to get things as cheap as possible, our Dani is a real stingy man and he always fights for the best rates and we are really thankful for this because we can do more for less. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín