Bullas 2

Let me explain, what are the latest news from Bullas, all the animals are improving, for the moment we can do nothing with them , because Scooby is the legal sequestrator of them, by the way I don’t know if it is the right word, is from google translator, so for the moment they can’t be rehomed, we can do all the needed vet treatments but no more and it can still delay a lot, meanwhile Said is  in Bullas feeding and taking care of the sheep, goats, horse and one pig that are still there, he is coming back soon, for the sheep and goats is going to be difficult to bring them here for the moment because of bureaucratic problems , we are M4 and this place in Bullas is M3 , it means that our animals are in a better health condition than those in Bullas, but we cannot bring them for the moment, so we are looking for a provisional solution for all of them, hopefully the other horse and the pig can come this week with Said, also several galgos and podencos, the ones that were in worst condition,  are appearing in the hills around Bullas and we are rescuing them , they are coming to Scooby also this week, anyway what I wanted to tell you, until now our expenses have been huge, to bring the animals, we needed to pay a truck for the horses , and all the food, all the vet treatments for all of them and we cannot rehome them yet; so we need money now and we are going to need money in the future to feed them so please donate what you can. Thank you very much. Kisses , licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín