Short news 5

Dear friends, good news it seems  that our information about FBM was not correct and they are taking in  any kind of dogs, how lucky they are because they can do it, for example us we cannot take too many podencos or other breed of dogs , just because we cannot rehome them and if it will be only me and not thinking about the future , I  would take all the podencos here, but you know that they are quite difficult to rehome, so if we want to ensure the future of the shelter, we cannot take them in large numbers and if the rehoming of males and/or black galgos doesn´t increase , I am sure that sooner than later we will have problems.
The statistics from the first quarter of 2014 are absolutely incredible, we are in numbers never seen before.
Balance Perros 2014 Medina
MES                            ENTRADAS                 SALIDAS                    
Enero                           127                              89                               
Febrero                                    91                                117                             
Marzo                          80                                87                               
Without words, the activity here is absolutely incredible, the whole day running up and down with the castrations, blood tests and all the rest , and do you want to know something , all this could not be possible without YOU.