The miracles of life

It has happened  again at Scooby’s , life is possible because of our help in this case we are talking about 11 wild ducks , we rescued them in Salamanca. By coincidence I was there and we received a phone call saying that a mother duck and her 11 little babies were inside a pool in the middle of the town, so we went there to see the situation, somebody had the little ducks already outside the pool and in a paperboard box, the poor mother was absolutely desperate  looking for her babies, so we tried and tried to catch her , it was impossible so it was heartbreaking to leave her behind looking for her babies,  but we could not leave them there, first the neighbors didn’t want them and second it was really dangerous for them, for example once they were inside the pool they never can come outside by themselves.
Anyway we brought them to the shelter and I was thinking how to do it to teach the babies how to eat, mainly how to eat so we took a foster mother, one of our female ducks and the result is spectacular, the babies adopted her like mother and model, they have learned how to eat and for the moment all of them have survived. Kisses, bites, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín