New trip to the Netherlands

Another time Scooby has made the trip to the Netherlands to bring a total of 35 dogs that had been adopted, and who, thanks to the help of these new families will have the opportunity to enjoy a new life. Fermin and Simonetta were the ones in charge of this trip, leaving Medina del Campo at 18.30 and arriving at Astrid’s shelter in Balkbrug at 1 in the afternoon on Saturday, having driven about 1700 km.
The arrival was a very emotional moment, since some of the adopters were there and helped us unload the dogs together with Astrid and the other volunteers.  One of the adopters was there who had already adopted a dog from Scooby on a previous occasion and now had adopted another one, and she was there together with her dog to pick up the new addition. It is incredible how well our animals adapt to their families and their new country.
After resting a bit, which they really needed, Fermin and Simonetta went on to a small village in Belgium where they could sleep and get rested to start the return journey. And on Sunday, after getting up very early, they went to the warehouse of the Association  Les Galgos de Ardenne Bleue where they picked up a lot of donations, mostly food for the animals of the Scooby shelter.  It is really incredible and admirable what the volunteers are doing and the donations they are collecting. We are always saying that but their work is really very important, feeding our animals is a big part of the expenses so receiving donations of food is a big help for us. Therefore we really want to say THANK YOU and we are eternally grateful.
After another large number of hours travelling back, at 4.30 in the morning,  Fermin and Simonetta arrived at Scooby Medina, safe and sound with the mission perfectly accomplished.
To  all the adopters, donors and volunteers: THANK YOU SO MUCH for adopting our animals, your work and your donations.