Flash news 2

Spring has arrived and the whole shelter looks wonderful, the flowers are blossoming, and the birds are having their babies, a nice time for walking at the shelter, I think this is the most beautiful time to come to the shelter, to visit us and the animals, anyway we have now several volunteers helping us with their invaluable work, they have been preparing the food, we have plenty of wet food and it needs to be prepare .
Waiting for new updates from Simonetta because she is the driver m I can tell you that we have been rescuing galgos from many different perreras, we went to Jerez, to Tomelloso , to Toledo and to Valladolid, we have been rescuing galgos but also podencos, I really felt sorry for them  and I could not say no, so my dears now is your time to help- us rehoming the podencos, for the moment I am doing my work and I have two podencas in foster , their characters are absolutely different, one is timid and absolutely peaceful and the other one is not so shy and she has problems because she wants to be always with humans, so when I am not there she is crying , I am going to need to take care of her behavior before she gets rehomed anyway for the moment I don’t see many differences with galgos, chocolate is more active and Matilde is more quiet, probably is also a question of age, choco is lot younger than Matilde , I will tell more about them on other updates.
We have sheared the sheep , they look really clean and fresh without their winter clothes, it is funny but we have had really big problems finding a professional  shearer , somebody who could the job in a proper way so the poor sheep didn’t feel ashamed whenever they saw themselves at the mirror, like it happened before when we were doing it ourselves.
By the way now a test who knows for how long a sheep lives , or a goat , or a cow, a hen , a pig, do you realize that none knows really what is the age that they can get, Amparito , our pig, is now around 10 years old and she looks still young. It is not funny but I have asked the vet and also I asked what are the normal diseases for pigs or any kind of this farm animals and they answered me that their main disease is the human being, all of them die because of us.
Kisses, bytes and licks from all of us. Fermin