Some things make me angry 2

Yesterday around nine , evening time I was walking outside Scooby and then I saw a couple coming down from a car, I approached and asked them what did they want, and then they start telling me that they wanted to see, to see what?, I don’t know, I told them that our opening time is until six in the evening, then they told me if we want a Yorkshire Terrier, obviously my answer was no we don’t want more dogs, after that I asked them why and the answer was , “ Because the dog has lost hair all over the body” and then we started a dialogue:
Fermín- So you want to give us your dog, because he has problems, instead of taking the dog to the vet?
Them- No, we have taken him to the vet and he told us to euthanize the dog.
F- What vet practice have you been? I cannot believe that any vet is going to ask you to euthanize one dog , just for a skin problem.
T- We have been visiting both vet practices here in Medina.
F-If it is my dog and a vet tells me that, I would take him to another vet, so I recommend a vet in Arevalo.
T-ok, we will take the dog to Arevalo.
F- All right I will phone the vet to tell him that you are going.
T- By the way < I would like to know if the horses can be adopted? Just for some months and later I will bring back the horse.
F- No for the moment we only adopt dogs and cats.
Conclusion, they want to abandon one dog with skin problem that I am sure they haven’t treated, because they think it could be contagious for humans and then to take a horse for riding on spring and summer probably to go to the Encierros with him and then to bring back the horse. This is the mentality that we have regarding animals. Kisses and licks from us. Fermín