Things that make me angry 4

At this time it is for sure that I am not going to be politically correct, not at all, because I am  going to tell you something that I have noticed with our new Facebook page , yes the new one” Sociedad protectora de animales Scooby”, that one with updates from all the other Scoobys all over the world, please go visit and click on” I like”, anyway what I have noticed is that the good news are lot more seen than the bad news, if Dani appears , then the numbers of visits goes really high, so we have been joking and we have said that in summer we will have the scooby workers appearing with small clothes and then we will get out of the map. Talking seriously it means that only the good news are important, and I must say that good news are important but also it is more important to share when we put animals in need of a home, supposedly we are an animal welfare organization and we take care of the animals and our followers are animal welfare people also, so ……
And thinking and thinking why it can happen, I don’t know if it a question of triviality or it means that people are fed up with our appeals of help for a certain dog or cat or maybe it is because they think that at Scooby they are perfectly so they don’t need to find a home, at least not in a hurry. In any of the cases you are wrong, our animals need a home like the others or even more , because several of our animals they spend here a lot of time, many times too much time and they deserve to have a home, also because with the space left when one of our animals leave the shelter we can rescue another one, if the shelter gets full , then we cannot keep rescuing more and I don’t want to think what could happen if one day the shelter collapses because of too many animals , please visit our pages , click on “ I like” and then share our animals, you are their only hope and their only voice. Knowing that I am not politically correct , kisses , licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín