Short news 6

I was right both mares were pregnant and now both of them have foals, a male and a female.
Our recovery area is almost finished we only need to give the last details and the dogs could start using it.
We cannot stop, it is like riding a bicycle if you stop then you fall down, and so we need to keep going. Now we are going to start building two new small storehouses, one just for blankets and coats, we have so many that for the moment we don’t need more and I am asking another people to take some from us, this is going to be a place absolutely closed so no cats and/or rats-mice are allowed inside, the problem that we have now is that the cats lie on the blankets they pee and shit on them and then we need to wash them again.
And the other one is for medicines and like a small laboratory with all the new machines donated.
By the way I want to thank Karen Michalski and IDDEX for the donation of a Laser Cyte and a vet TEST , these machines are going to make our practice one of the best equipped in the area, we are also working on getting an X-Ray Machine and then with the two ultrasounds  everything will be completed..
Then we want to put some concrete at the entrance to make it nicer and tidier.
Last week I went on holidays and then I came back with a nice podenco named chocolate, Do you remember that I told you that we cannot rescue podencos , because we don’t have adopters for them, now I have a problem because while I was on holidays I received a phone call about a case of  mistreatment of animals, podencos and horses , I have been there , we cannot publish the pictures yet and after seeing them I want to rescue them so we are going to need help for the podencos and if it is the case for the horses also, and after that we are going to need to start rehoming podencos.
That’s all for the moment, kisses and licks. Fermín