Plea for help from a nice man who rescued a Galgo puppy

Good afternoon
My name is …. And even though I am from Asturias, I am working in Badajoz.
On the first of may, walking with my dog in a park, I found this male galgo puppy of about 6 or 7 months old, almost dying of hunger and completely dehydrated. It could hardly walk and I had to carry him in my arms to my home. I cannot keep him since my apartment is just about 50 m2 and we are already full with my dog. I send you pictures so you can see him, he is  very sweet and obedient, although very frightened, surely because he has been mistreated. He is now staying with a friend of mine who lives outside of town and who already has two Mastines but she will take care of him until we find him a home.
My telephone number is ..xxxx ( please contact Scooby)
Thank you and best regards
Please consider to adopt this adorable creature for 2 reasons: First to give him a loving home and second to show this good man that he did the very right thing with not looking away and he can count on the animal welfare world to help him to make this rescue a full success with finding people who will help the poor thing to forget his bad start into life!