Things that make me angry 3

Are we crazy or what? In this country there is a movement, a strong movement against the euthanasia of any animal, at the same time they are able to criticize us when we are exporting dogs abroad, I am sorry but Mathematics are clear , in this country and even in Europe there are less homes available than animals get born and it happens year after year after year so what is the consequence, I am sure that our readers are intelligent enough it means that shelters are full and dog pounds need to kill animals, Is Their fault? Sometimes yes because they don’t make enough publicity of their animals for adoption , but on the other hand I would say no is not their fault, I am sure that nobody likes to euthanize a healthy animal and even a non really healthy animal but what is the alternative for those dog pounds? . I have always thought that the only way is to educate the people and to change the laws so neutering and sterilization are a mandatory but it seems that there is no intention from our politics to do that,  but what is even worst there is no a clear consensus about this, I am watching absolutely astonished in different sites from different orgs how they asked for foster homes for pregnant bitches giving birth and breeding their puppies, don’t they realize that all those puppies are taking the homes from adult dogs?, don’t they realize that thinking that the bitches are going to be spayed anyway , they should do it before more animals come to this world , at the end they are making bigger the problem and only because they want to become the rescuer of the animals but in my opinion these people they are a big part of the problem, they have forgotten anything related with education so the problem can finish one day, sometimes I think that they don’t want to finish with the problem because then , their rescue careers will end and what is going to happen with their lives.  Every week I get to know that another rescue group is born, it means that in a province like Valladolid that is quite small there are more than 12 rescue groups, groups that they don’t speak among themselves, this is crazy and this must stop one day , but I don’t see the end of this and now there is a new fashion and these are the foster houses all of us we have foster houses , myself I am fostering two dogs but there must be always something in mind, fostering is not a free adoption, sometimes the orgs pay everything and then the dogs got forgotten in their foster houses , so the dogs spend a lot of their time with the foster family and when by any chance they get rehomed again , they suffer a new abandonment.
Another craziness I have known that there are different people that they think that they are like God and they decide who is good or bad for having an animal and they steal animals from people that they decide that they are not in good conditions,  I am really sorry but this cannot be done, if one animal is in  bad conditions we should put a complaint with the police and then to see if it is true or not , but to believe that we have the right to do that , it can lead to situations that we have already seen in Salamanca and Zamora of organizations taking dogs, with the excuse that they are abandoned and then to put a chip in their names and not giving back the dog to the original owner, we have had this also in Medina with three puppies and the owner never got back the dogs, I think it is too much, rescuing animals is one thing but stealing them is another issue and believe me it is happening here. Kisses licks and hugs from all our rescued animals. Fermín