Horses, horses, horses.

I like all the animals but obviously I like more some animals than the others, it can be just because they have suffered more at least from my point of view or I don’t know why but the truth is that I like galgos and horses really a lot so now that we have the facilities , we are seriously thinking about to rescue more horses and also other animals so our Scooby can become a real sanctuary for all of them , but we need money for doing that; we need a lot of money , we need to hire more people, we need to pay all the vet bills and they are not cheap.
At this moment we need to castrate 2 donkeys, 2 horses and 2 ponies, and also to microchip 6 of these animals, all that will cost around 800 to 900 euros and this is why I am asking you to help us.
I am asking you to help us with this invoice , but also we need to plan a long term strategy , we need to do fundraising among the horse people, among the donkey people and among the people who consider to donate for all these animals that they are not dogs or cats, we are looking to expand our team with all these people, many of you already know about the Scooby fever with dogs and cats and now we want more people to experience the scooby fever with all kind of animals, we have the space and the possibilities , we only need the money so among all of us let’s find it. Thank you very much, kisses bites and loving neighing. Fermín
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