Things that make me angry 5

This time I am going to say something about some of our members, I must say,  you are really appreciated and needed and we would like to have as many as possible, mainly because we will be stronger and it will mean that more and more people appreciate our work , many times I feel that we don’t publicize our work enough so the people don’t know or they don’t want to know our work, anyway my problem with some members is that they don’t realize that when we try to charge their membership on their accounts and they refuse the payment, it cost us a lot of money , around 4 euros each time, so it is easy to be a member is free, you choose to be or not to be, so it is easier to tell us that you don’t want to be a member anymore so we will not make any charge on your account and then we are not making wealthier to the bank and impoverishing the animals , they are poor enough, don’t you think?” Licks, kisses and hugs from all our poor animals and me. Fermín