A tribute to our adopters

Ha, I have a problem with an article I have written before, where I said that the volunteers are second in importance at Scooby which would mean you, the adopters would be third in place, but now, thinking about it I wonder if you should not be second. Anyway, it does not really matter; all of you are very important and essential in whatever way and moreover all of you are connected and one could not exist without the other.
In this case I would also like to put a special spotlight on the adopters of our animals with problems, and this because of my visit to the US last summer where I met Spiderman and his mistress. If you don’t remember, Spiderman was a dog with distemper in a neurological phase and his mobility had already been affected, exactly the same to what happened with Frickles and one of Cobie’s dogs, and I think is is remarkable that, even knowing that nothing can be done about it, still there is someone who will adopt them, because the adoption is very important, to adopt an animal with a handicap to me is an act of love towards the animal itself. I had a very pleasant conversation with Spiderman’s mistress and she told me it was just a matter of patience, he was a little slower than the rest and has a slight coordination problem, but for the rest everything was perfect, and their happiness was enormous, like the happiness that our adopters provide us. Thank you.  Kisses, hugs, bites and superloving licks from all of us. Fermin