Discount on the calendars...

...because of a mistake.

Yes, we are very sorry, but the January dates are wrong despite of multiple checking before printing.

A classical case of human failure for which we ask your apologize. The new price from now on is 15,-Euro instead of 17,90 and to those who already ordered and paid the full prize, an even bigger apologize. But please bear in mind that all the Scooby background work is accomplished by voluntarily working people who really try their best what in this case led to a wonderful picture of the sunset at the Scooby lake you can enjoy for a full month, well, okay, without putting your appointments in;-)

And also be sure that each and every cent of profit goes directly to the Scooby animals, so even if you paid the full prize, you just supported the animals, nothing else!

Again, sorry for that but we hope that won´t keep you off from buying the wonderful calendars!

Thank you for your understanding,

The Scooby team