Adopters day

For the fourth year in a row at Scooby we celebrated Adopters day,  a day to pass time together with the goal of seeing our dogs again and their new families  and to enjoy some time together.
We hereby would like to thank our adopters publicly, they wanted to share their time with us, both joyful and emotional. Our beloved adopters  to come in from 12 in the morning and all passed our special photocall, of which we will show you some samples.
After the president arrived and the regular pictures had been taken together with the authorities, Fermin gave the starting sign for the walk through the streets of Medina, a very quiet walk that caught the attention of everybody on the street, the high point being the stop on the Plaza Mayor where a few of the kids playing on the square approached us to play with the animals.
At the end of the walk we came back to the Explanada del Cuartel Marques de la Ensenada in Medina, where we continued enjoying the day and while we were waiting for the paella we had a little bit of soup, and sitting in the sun we enjoyed the play of our dogs.
And finally the paella arrived and it really tasted very good, so we had a good taste and even went back for seconds. We finished the meal with cake and coffee after a short break in which the tables were moved into the sun.
After the meal Alicia continued with the raffle, a very entertaining moment in which we were surprised again and  got  to know the adopters because some that received a Price twice shared it with other people. Thank you for that and for showing us again the goodness of your character like you have been showing us daily.
After the raffle it was time to exchange experiences, and enjoying the last of the sun we sat in a circle and our presenter Alicia shared this with the remaining adopters because during the day some of them left because of previous engagements.
This way we could learn the stories of Toby, Belinda, Kissy, Dotcom, Onak, Rosa, Bande, Tim, Fiona, Pepe and many more. For each and every one of the adopters, thank you so much for making us part of their stories, their daily life and showing us a part of their being and their feelings. And above all thank you for adopting our adorable animals, for giving them a second chance and mostly for making them happy and a part of your family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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